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Discover your possibilities around the SCHNEEMANN® piano learning system and get to know me in a personal conversation.

Clarity dialogue

The free 20-minute clarification session creates a non-binding space for your individual questions individual questions about my training, the possibilities behind the SCHNEEMANN® piano learning system and your individual challenges. The room is just for you and everything discussed remains between us.

Hey, I'm Mailyn.

As the director of the SCHNEEMANN® Piano School, I have been guiding piano teachers and pianists from a holistic perspective into a completely new and harmonious playing and teaching experience for more than 15 years.

As an expert in holistic, networked and brain-friendly thinking at the piano, founder of the SCHNEEMANN®️ piano school and author of a multi-volume piano school series on the SCHNEEMANN®️ piano learning system, which has already been translated into Spanish and is currently being translated into English, I regularly certify SCHNEEMANN®️ piano teachers and offer them new professional perspectives.

In my work, I follow the guiding principle of natural and brain-orientated learning and thus enable piano and music teachers to take a fundamentally new approach to learning and to their own playing.

My work is known from the magazine PianoNews, the NZZ, the SRF and keynotes at the EPTA (European Piano Teacher Association), UNIR, the WPTA (World Piano Teacher Association), among others.

As a piano teacher you learn with me

  • how to recognise the way your students think and perceive in order to be able to provide targeted help.
  • the circumstances under which learning takes place in humans and how you can use this knowledge to create an ideal learning environment and atmosphere.
  • how you can promote the intellectual abilities of your students to enable them to understand even the most complex structures and contexts.
  • how to increase your students' learning speed many times over by teaching them highly efficient techniques that enable them to group and process the highly complex information in piano playing more quickly.
  • how you can find an effective level of communication in the classroom with a new, pictorial and imaginative vocabulary that enables you to convey abstract and complex topics to your students in a targeted, efficient and comprehensible way.

For you as a piano teacher, this means much more relaxed teaching, much faster success, greater motivation for your students and a relaxed yet focussed learning atmosphere.

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